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You Should Watch ‘Margarita With A Straw’ Right Now

rollercoaster ride and will leave you with moist eyes. The movie manages to capture the many deep-rooted insecurities of an individual and the process of coping up with them by accepting oneself. The movie is a life-altering experience in its own way. Everyone who claims to be a movie buff or a cinema lover should definitely watch this one. A high-octane emotional drama which won’t allow you to even get up for the popcorn!

Here are few reasons that make the movie an absolute must-watch!

1. The Direction

Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Margarita With A Straw' Right Now

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There are not enough words to explain how beautifully the movie is made. Director Shonali Bose makes sure she doesn’t portray Laila (Kalki’s character) as a disabled person. Regardless of her medical condition, she is portrayed as a normal person. Be it the portrayal of a typical Delhi middle-class family or a college girl’s failed crush or exploring new realms of sexuality – Bose captures every scene beautifully and tastefully. Anne Misawa, the cinematographer, has handled the scenes in the most picturesque and aesthetic manner. Bose isn’t afraid to touch taboo topics like bisexuality, physically-disabled people’s desire for sex. While most of the current lot of filmmakers would shy away from these topics; Bose handles the issue in a mature fashion.

2. Strong Storyline

Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Margarita With A Straw’ Right Now

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Just like the cocktail Margarita, the movie is strong, straight up and justifies the title brilliantly. The movie is about the overwhelming emotional journey of a 19-year-old female writer, who suffers from cerebral palsy, and in a quest of finding happiness, finds herself inNew York living with her girlfriend. The movie is indeed a cocktail of emotions and will make your head spin with scenes high on emotions. But this doesn’t mean it’ll give a hangover; rather it will leave you refreshed when you leave the theatre. 

3. The Brilliant Performances

Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Margarita With A Straw’ Right Now

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You aren’t allowed to doubt Kalki’s acting skills. Kalki, in her best performance in recent times, makes you believe that Laila, suffering from cerebral palsy, is not a disabled person. In fact her ‘disability’ slowly fades away to the background as the story moves forward; you realize she is as normal as you are. A person with ordinary needs and desires. From buying a vibrator to asking for a 50 percent discount on an iPad, Kalki completely sidelines the fact that Laila is a person with poor motor skills. Kalki literally owns Laila in every frame of the movie. Laila’s mother, portrayed by Revathy, couldn’t have been better, and Sayani Gupta (Khanum, Laila’s lover) adds the exoticness to the story as the blind lover to Kalki.

4. The Emotional Joyride

Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Margarita With A Straw’ Right Now

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Among the big budget and star-powered movies, ‘Margarita With A Straw’ stands out and is an important film that needs to penetrate to the masses. Even though the movie is classy and short (1 hour 40 minutes), it doesn’t seem to be overridden with emotions. The movie has its own share of comic relief, like the scene when she confronts her mother saying she is a ‘Bi’ and her mother replies “Han toh hum sab auratien ‘bai’ hi to hain”. Margarita with a straw is indeed a true blue Bollywood movie but handled very tastefully.

There may be endless reasons to watch ‘Margarita With A Straw’ but the only heartening reason should be the fact that the movie is entertaining in the most uncanny way possible. You will laugh with Laila, you will cry with Laila but most importantly you will love Laila for being so honest to her emotions.

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