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In Corporate, we all work for 9 hours without fail, give our best, put fully effort though we are unable to get our best result. Now This is a superhuman natural mistake we all do at work and the interesting thing is we are not capable to figure out where we do mistakes basically.

I have one friend; she is working as an HR with one private firm where she always works more than 10 hours in a day and still found herself helpless and not able to complete her daily tasks even. The workload became bigger and bigger day by day and she is now getting complains from another department where she should solve other’s problems. Because of the long-time process, here she is losing her confidence and involves herself in non -proactive work which leads from worse to worst. We had a meeting last Saturday, and after discussing with her, I got some ideas and feel to share with you.

Daily Task:

We have to make daily task; we know that some of the works must have to be completed daily and there is no space to forget that or else that will affect your goal and the work process too.

Record your work: I know we are busy to complete our work and we are too lazy to record that. Why work record is important? 1. We all do mistakes, but after some time we forget where and when? Maintaining record helps us to get an idea where are not focusing and doing the same mistakes again and again. 2. Record of our works also helps us to make a smooth process for every department and we can divide work effortlessly. 3. It helps everyone. From Management to Executive level to improve their productivity and minimize their mistakes. For Example, If there the manufacturing unit receive the Order to sell, The concerned person has to look after every department to complete the process which starts from Getting raw materials, production, sale, and dispatch with proper documentation.

This Process includes the below operation unit. Order & Purchase Department Production Department Finance Department Sales Department Dispatch Department Packing Department & Account Department

The process goes like..

If You do mistake in any one of the departments from this, that will affect your sale and daily task and because of the one mistake, the process would not be done. Having mistakes would be ok but if you are repeating that just because you have no idea who is leaking in this area, you have to suffer for a long time.

How to minimize mistakes?

1. Give dairy to the concerned person or the super wiser (who look for management) and make a habit to note the problems you are getting. 2. Do weekly meeting and ask them to have suggestions that helps the process. 3. Always double check of goods and documents we are sending. 4. Ask everyone to send their work report via mail to see what are pending works. 5. Always be honest with the process, doing compromise just to save few minutes can harm and affect too much. 6. Always track the work which is under process to be ready for answer how much work you still have.

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