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What Indian Women Want To Tell Indian Men

What Indian women want to tell Indian men, there are so many things. But have not find the appropriate words, or opportunity to say them. These 12 pictures encapsulate all of these feelings really well. Almost every woman will agree to these.

We have seen lots of things on Women Empowerment , Social Awareness , etc. Now we can see Women also using Social Media to convey their feelings about what they want to tell Indian Men or why only Indian men, this is almost every men in the world. All credit goes to Rocklej .

1. Please don’t comment on our bodies or stare at our breasts. It makes us very uncomfortable. – Anonymous

2. Instead of asking your daughters to stay indoors, ask your sons to behave. – Gowri Gopakumar

3. Hasi toh phasi is not true. – Anonymous

4. Girls who party and go clubbing can also make very good wives. – Anonymous

5. Just know that passing comments on girls on the street is not gonna get you anywhere. I don’t remember the last time a mother told her daughter, “I met your dad at the signal and then he said ‘hey baby want a ride ? I’ll ride you fast and hard’ Isn’t your dad charming?” – Simran Dat-Khile

6. If you will cry or show emotions in front of us it will not make you less manly. U can cry. It’s normal. But don’t make others cry with your acts. – Nidhi Singh

7. Her mindset will raise your children, not her body and good looks. Choose wisely. – Hemika Narang

8. Don’t compare your girlfriend / wife with your mom. You are not her son. What your mom has done for you, she will do for her son/daughter. – Sakina Gul

9. If you had a son, would you want him to be like you ? If you had a daughter, would you want her to marry a man like you? If the answer is ‘NO’ to any one of the questions above, you know where you’re going wrong. – Neha Kariyaniya

10. When a girl is alone it’s a responsibility, not an opportunity. – Anonymous

11. If your behaviour with me changes just because I am a girl, then don’t except me to respect you. – Rachna Bagde

12. Being modern doesn’t mean the girl is easy and being friendly doesn’t mean the girl is hitting on you. – Dhakshitha Rao

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