WASender Pro – How to Send Bulk Messages With Attachments

Features of the program

✅ Send messages text and image. Text and video,Image, Video, Files and Audio files. ✅ The possibility of sending the message on behalf of the company or the name of the client. ✅ You can send using the program from your mobile phone or from the Android simulator on the computer ✅ Generate random numbers in any quantity + Add the country code to any number of numbers. ✅ Send speed 20 messages / minutes without saving numbers on mobile.

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00:05 Sending Bulk Messages along with added Attachment (Images, Videos, PDF, and more) 00:51 Pause/Play or Stop Bulk messaging any time 01:02 Sending customized bulk messages (with name and other fields) using excel sheet 02:09 Run WhatsApp filter on a database to find all numbers that are active on WhatsApp 02:32 Download/Extract all contact numbers from any WhatsApp Group

How to download delivery reports after sending messages?

After the messaging to the current queue is finished you will see the Download Reports button


Click on that and the reports file will be downloaded


You can view the file in excel


How to set a random time gap between messages to avoid number blocking

Go to WA -> Click on the settings icon -> Set your preferred time delay


We recommend setting a time delay of between 45 to 90 seconds.

Number Banning

Does Pro version avoid number banning?


Buying the Pro Version does not guarantee that your number will not be blocked. It only gives you access to the additional pro features like sending attachments, customizing messages through an excel sheet(CSV file) and much more…

Check this link for how you can reduce the chances of number banning

How many messages I can send in one day?

No limit from our side however WhatsApp might ban your number temporarily if too many people report you as spam in a single day! Be care full about the number banning aspect. We do not take responsibility for number blocking!

Check this link for tips on how you can reduce the chances of number of blocking.

How to avoid/reduce number banning/blocking while bulk messaging?

Here are some recommendations to reduce the chances of number blocking!

  1. Format the messages in an interactive manner. Such that the person receiving the message thinks that it’s a real conversational message instead of a robotic bulk-promotional message

  2. Set a random time gap between messages (pro feature)

  3. Send name customized messages (pro feature)

Some additional steps that can help

  1. Don’t send from your personal/main business number

  2. Start slow, increase the number of messages gradually (Ex – Day 1: 100 messages in 2 slots, Day 2: 150 Messages in 3-4 slots)

  3. Don’t send over WiFi (Use mobile internet)

  4. Don’t send to unknown contacts

  5. Don’t send more than 50 in one go

  6. Don’t send more than 500 in one day


See what you can do to make sure that people do not report you and what you can do AFTER your number gets blocked.

My number was banned! Now what can I do?

OK so you sent a bunch of bulk messages and now your WhatsApp number is banned!

WhatsApp Number Banned

What can you do now? Is there a way to get it unbanned?