Virat Kohli Adoring Anushka Sharma’s Performance Will Make You Believe True Love Exists

It is rightly said that when you’re in love, you even like the most embarrassing things about your partner. And no matter how hard you try you cannot stop blushing when you look at them. And when you’re Virat Kohli and your significant other, Anushka Sharma, performs in the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League, the whole world will be there to see you reactions. 


Even though the entire ceremony was anything but a hoot, Virat Kohli couldn’t keep a straight face throughout. Shy at first, Kohli was soon spotted smiling, rather blushing, when Anushka started performing.

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So many shades of Virat Kohli, no wonder he is the most eligible bachelor in the country! Booked he may be but, yeah, not off the market. Even Sir Ravindra Jadeja couldn’t stop himself from tweeting about Virat’s smitten look.

Virat, who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore, will play his first match of this year’s IPL against Kolkata Knight Riders on 11 April, 2015.

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