This UP Farmer Became A Director Of Kingfisher Airlines Without Knowing About It. Here’s What Exactl

What is it like to wake up one day to realize that you’re Kingfisher Airlines Director? Don’t go on guessing, because it won’t happen to you. But for a small scale farmer like Manmohan Singh who had heard Mallya’s name in relation to insurmountable debt, it came as a rude shock when he got to know that he was the guarantor for Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines.



According to a report in Indiatimes, the small scale farmer who owns around eight acres of land in Pilibhit, UP came to know about his position only in December when his two bank accounts were frozen as he was the guarantor of Kingfisher Airlines loans. In his two accounts with Bank of Baroda, Singh had Rs 4,000 and Rs 1,217 each.



“I have heard his name but never met him. I have no idea how I was made the director of his company”, Singh said.

“Because the bank froze my accounts, I can’t avail any government-sponsored scheme. I was forced to sell my entire wheat crop to private traders at very low prices. I could not get MSP because payment for that is directly made to the bank account, which in my case is frozen,” he added.

However, later on deeper investigation, it was found that bank confused Singh’s name with Manmohan Singh Kapur, one of the nine directors of Kingfisher Airlines.

According to Kingfisher’s annual reports, Manmohan Singh Kapur was an independent director in the company since 2009.

Never mind, he led the ‘King’ life (Only close to not) for sometime, if not forever.

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