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This Shocking Sting Operation Reveals Politicians Helping To Start Communal Riots To Earn Money And

For decades, India has seen violence in the name of religion. We live in a country where a cow’s life is more valued than of human beings. Blood is splattered, houses are robbed and set on fire, women and children are raped, all in the name of religion.

With such a state of a country, it comes as no surprise that some politicians help orchestrate such communal riots, and the recent sting operation by India Today aptly reveals the disturbing reality of our country.

India Today

The operation lead by an undercover of India Today, posed as an independent filmmaker to expose the harsh reality of UP and how these communal riots, most of the times, are manufactured by politicians to earn a quick buck.

There is even a name for this mission, Operation Rent-a-Riot which, till now, has a case study of three politicians who has agreed to help ignite communal riots to earn money.


Parminder Arya of the Hindu Swabhiman Sangathan who was recently in limelight for anti-jihad training in a UP school took part in helping riots occur during the screening of a movie that questioned the myth if Lord Rama was born in India. Without even listening to the cause of protest properly, Arya decided to give this tumult a headway so that it fetches him some popularity.

India Today

Another BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar agreed to extend help in the nefarious design only if he was offered the right price for it. Hafiz Mohammed Irfan, the Haridwar unit president of the ruling Samajwadi Party was offered the same proposal.

SP leader Juhi Singh when asked about it said “it’s a conspiracy by opposition parties” and the party will probe footage and take action if required.

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