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The Delhi Metro Silenced : Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai

Traveling in a train could turn out to be a marvelous prospect because of the diversity of people you meet, and the kind of conversations you unknowingly become a part of. You get to hear everything from household gossips to let’s-chill-tonight plans to the recent events unfolding globally.

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You earn more perspective about people, and their take on different subjects than you do otherwise which makes the train travel worthwhile.

Dyuti Sudipta, a regular commuter, ran into two men who got a badass reply from an aunty for criticizing about the ladies coach in the Metro.

The post has since been deleted, but we’ve got the entire conversation for you here:

Overheard in Metro.

Guy 1: Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai. Idhar side itna bhara hua hai, par fir bhi hume wahan jaake baithna allowed nahin hai. Khali padi hui hain seatein. (Look, the ladies coach is empty. Our coach is so crowded, yet we can’t go and sit there. It’s not allowed.)

Guy 2: Haan yaar. Dekh, poora coach de rakha hai unko, wo bharti hain nahin, upar se humare coach mein bhi do do seatein de rakhi hain, hum baith gaye to utha diye jaate hain, bhale poora unka coach khali pada ho. Wo to bhar lein pehle! (Yeah, man. They’ve been given the entire coach still they don’t fill it up. In our coaches too, they’ve been given 2 seats. If we sit in their place, we’re asked to get up. Even though their coach is entirely empty. Ask them to fill that first!).

The aunty who had been listening to the entire conversation intrudes at this point:

Aap log paida hi nahin hone de rahe ho na beta, aur naseeb se paida ho bhi rahi hain to unko padhne likhne, bahar nikalne se rok rahe ho jee jaan lagake. Ye sab kaam band kar do, kokh mein maar dena, doodh mein dubo dena, rok tok karna, fir dekho na beta, metro ki seatein kya, office ki kursiyan, khel ka maidan sab kuch bhar dengi ye, par usi cheez se to darr rahe ho aap, hai na? Hai na beta? (You’re not letting women take birth, and if they do by mistake, then you’re not letting them get educated, or let them go out of their houses. Stop these things like killing them in the womb, or drowning them in milk, then you’ll see  all the metro seats, office chairs, and playground filled with girls. But you’re afraid of that prospect only, aren’t you?)

Facebook/ Dyuti Sudipta

Full points for that reply, woman ???

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