How many Pokémon do you have? Which level are you at? What’s your XP score? If this is what your conversation with friends sounds like, you’ve stumbled on the right page! For what we are about to tell you will change your life forever, and make you the Sachin Tendulkar of the Pokemon world.

We mapped out Ahmedabad for Pikachus, Snorlaxs, Mews and Zapdos, and every other Pokemon you can think of. Below we present a list of spots in Ahmedabad where you can hit the jackpot, and catch Pokemon like nobody’s business. Read on. 

Vastrapur Lake 

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At the largest spot in the city, one can easily catch 30-40 Pokemon in 15-20 minutes. Says a Pokemon Go level 36 trainer, “The entire stretch of Vastrapur Lake has an array of different Pokemon. I even managed to catch a Arcanine with a CP of 1343.”

Kankaria Lake 

This, given their density, is where we believe Pokemon enter the city. What one can’t find in the rest of the city can easily be found there. Expect to find specimens like Machop, Gold Duck, Dratini and Drowzee. 1. Lalbahadur sashtri Statue 2. STATUE OF SARDAR PATEL 3 Statue Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (BaalVatika ) 4. WATERTANK

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Law Garden   

They say the areas matter when it comes to Pokemon, and boy are they right. Thanks to the several parks and gardens around, Bulbasaurs, Pikachus, Roselia are literally for the taking here.

Old City  

Salmankhan pathan, another fan of the game, told us how he has found his favourite spot in the city. “A few of my friends and I were just passing by and we spotted a few lure models. After going inside, we found out that the place is full of water and the sand bred Pokemon.”

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Gandhi Ashram

We don’t know if the college authorities are in cahoots with Nintendo, but the high density of Pokemon in the area is clearly working. Gandhi Ashram , Sabarmati all have seen a steady increase in attendance since the area became a hotspot with 3 lure models, various Pokestops and innumerable Pokemon.

Sabarmati RiverFront 

Ravirajsinh Vaja believes Sabarmati Riverfront has a lot to offer too. On a good day, she caught as many as 37 Pokemon within a span of two hours. He says, “It was my lucky day, someone had just set a lure. On a normal day too, around 20 are easily achievable.”

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Parimal , CG Road 

On any given night, one can see youngsters glued to their phones exploiting the stretch of Panchvati Circle to CG road due to the abundance of Pokemon.

A few other places to explore would be Shahibag, Vastral, Prahlad Nagar, Satelight  and SG Highway . Let’s just say the more popular the area, the higher the chance of catching ‘em all!

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Ahmedabadi can now up their Pokemon Go levels with this complete list of the best places in Ahmedabad to catch them.

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