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Stylish, Durable and Vegan

Stylish, Durable and Vegan PIGEON launches Kickstarter campaign to make vegan men’s shoes that don’t compromise

Challenging the notion that men’s shoes can’t be stylish, sustainable and cruelty-free, PIGEON Shoes founder Faran has created a collection that doesn’t compromise on style, quality or durability.

Their shoes look good, but they come with the peace of mind of being made ethically, supremely comfortable and up to the task of the most active chap.

“I wanted to make sure we had a great looking shoe that lasts,” comments Faran. “Pigeons are super comfortable right away because we’ve tested them rigorously. We’ve worn them in the Outback, Indonesian jungle and played soccer in them. They stand up to everything.”

Pigeon is now ready to ask the public to get behind their creation. Launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their first big order, backers will be rewarded with a custom-made pair of their very own PIGEONS,

Follow their Kickstarter for a pair of shoes at $150 USD (worldwide delivery included):

The Perth-based company is also deeply committed to making a difference to those who produce their shoes. Having struggled to find a shoe factory to work with in his native Australia, Faran turned his attention to neighboring Indonesia.

He discovered a vibrant and proud shoe making craft there where each shoe is still exactingly handmade. Pigeon is proud to play a role in job creation in the burgeoning country and proud to keeping the craft of shoe making very much alive.

Visit PIGEON Shoes through their website ( or Kickstarter page ( .

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