SS15 Wardrobe Ready for Casual and Athletic Outdoor Gear?

Spring is here, which means it’s time to give your closet an old fashioned spring cleaning as you prepare for days outside in the sun. If you’re like most, you no doubt have a growing list of recreational outdoor to-dos, such as hitting the golf course with friends, playing a round of tennis with co-workers, or brunching on the patio of your favorite dining locale. Whatever your plans for embracing warm weather this year, you’ll need the right clothes for the occasion, and there’s one item every man or woman should be sure to include in their spring wardrobe: the polo shirt.

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Why the Polo?

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Polos for Outdoor Athletic Wear

If you plan to wear polos for golfing, tennis, hiking, or any type of outdoor activity, even if it’s not all that physical, look for polos with built-in UV protection. This will contribute valuable longevity as UV-resistant material prevents fading over time, as well as minimizes UV exposure to the wearer. Polos for active wear should also always be light and breathable to facilitate easy movement; material made of polyester or blended fabrics will ensure this is the case. And let’s face it, the last thing we want to be on the course is drenched in sweat; top-tier polos for athletic wear can guarantee this is never the case.  How? These performance polos are specifically designed to resist sweat and wick away moisture thanks to new advanced technologies.

Style Tip: Be adventurous in terms of style for active wear; performance polos can be found in bright colors, striped and blocked patterns, and textured stripes. Why not show off your sense of adventure while engaging in a little friendly competition?

Polos for Casual Outdoor Settings

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Style Tip: Consider wearing polos for casual outdoor wear tucked in with a belt, or with an embroidered insignia for an added touch of style.

General Fashion Tips: Polos for Men and Women

If you’re shopping for men’s polos, look for those that afford a slim (but comfortable) fit to reflect a more contemporary style. Today’s polo is all about a great fit, so be sure to use a guide to determine accurate sizing. While polo styles are rather similar for men and women, women should focus on the cut and style of a shirt’s placket, which can be designed to various lengths and button counts.  Men and women also have about six different types of polo styles from which to choose, each based on the type of fabric with which they’re made. If you prioritize comfort above all else, something like a blended material, which combines the comfort of cotton and the durability of synthetics, is a strong choice. However, if you’re looking for a sturdier shirt—let’s say you’re not known for keeping your clothes in mint condition— a polyester polo will resist stains, wrinkles, and shrinking.

Style Tip: Polo shirt sleeves should hit the middle of the biceps, and in terms of length, shirts should not rest below the pant zipper.

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