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Signs your partner is never going to marry you

Signs your partner is never going to marry you

If you are in a relationship and recently started noticing changes in your partner’s behaviour, your mind may start racing. If the change is good, all is fine. But if the change is unexpected and uncalled for, then you better be careful. He could be giving signs he isn’t going to marry you. He does not mention you in the future When he talks about his future and what he plans on doing, you never seem to show up in there. He never mentions you or having kids. He never seems to include you in anything, not even future parties.

He doesn’t introduce you to the other women in his life Guys can have female friends, especially if they are part of your social circle and you get platonic vibes from their relationship. But beware if he still talks to his ex or another female friend and is hesitant to include you in conversations and outings.

He avoids your family If he doesn’t want to attend your parents’ anniversary party with you, then he probably isn’t thinking of them as his future in-laws.

He doesn’t help you out with things When you need help with your car or getting picked up for work, he finds other things, such as spending time with friends, more important. He will not go out of his way for you. He treats you as if you do not matter to him. 

He doesn’t ask for your advice When he’s in a pickle at work or doesn’t know how to broach a tough topic with his mom, he should want your insights as a strong, smart woman. If he goes to others for wise words, it reveals that he values his friends’ opinions more highly than yours.

Reduced phone calls It might not be that your partner calls you up every two hours or expects a call from you throughout the day. But when the calls go down, you can figure it out. It could even be possible that calls take a very formal turn and your partner hardly ever wants to talk to you when you call.

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