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Read Before You Create Family Whatsapp Group

Family WhatsApp groups, anyone?

We have been there. Good morning to good night, everything is completely fair in love, war, and a family WhatsApp group.

On a second thought, are we sure about everything?

Shweta Sangtani and Aashish Mehrotra, a happily married couple who happened to have witnessed the worst nightmare that could happen to a ‘Family’ Whatsapp group. 

A Dick pic.

One of my uncles just sent a dick pic on the family group. How’s your morning going? — Aashish Mehrotra (@AgniBankai) September 21, 2016

So apparently mama, Ashish’s uncle accidently happened to send a dick pic in the family group and regretted it the very moment. 

Image Source

Image Source

He bombarded the group with more posters, memes, and inspirational quotes or whatever to make sure that the pic is lost in translation.

But that never happened.

When Ashish’s dad when figured out what happened, he removed everyone from the group, like everyone including Ashish.

Image Source

Image Source

When Shweta, who had already left the group before, came to know about the ‘incident’ because of too many notifications, she did not spare a soul and posted this on Twitter.

Well, technology when comes together with family, works in its own interesting ways.

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