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Railway stations closed eyes water buy?, Watch videos

A video is played over the last several years votsaepa. The video does appear to be a common cause serious damage to people’s health. railway station in the same way the word is vencata pheriyao water bottle.Sometimes the water is not hygienic ice Railways bottled water for cleaning the toilets that are used. And so now, since the beginning of summer, increasing water consumption, where such elements are water-filling will sell. videos the get to say what the railway system further to be read … the While the issue of the Western Railway piarao jitendrakumara court accepted that when they approached the railway station, some anti-social elements are trying to sell water to people’s health being compromised. He was sought on the video … This video is about a mixture of two months ago. While my focus has been on the issue of the duty to take immediate steps revale three employees were suspended. Revale machinery such elements are tame enough to take action. Ahmedabad Railway Station is no shortage of water in the summer but it has been managing the railway system. But people are so appealing that it is sufficient to check the water before buying a … jitendrakumara Jayant, Senior piarao, Western Railway Read on .. not stay healthy water to keep in mind …

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