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PM Modi reveals big secret..who is giving information to Govt about black cash

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered how all of a sudden so many people are being caught every day with cash and gold. How the government agencies are able to get information about the hidden cash and bullion? Well, none other than PM Narendra Modi revealed the secret this secret in his Mann Ki Baat programme on Sunday.

Lauding the public for their support in exposing the wrong-doings of some, who are devising “newer wily ways and means” to counter the fight against corruption, the Prime Minister sought more public support.

“Everyday many new people are being taken into custody, currency notes are being seized, raids are being carried out. Influential persons are being caught. The secret is that my sources of such information are people themselves. “Information being received from common citizens is many times higher than that being obtained through government machinery,” he said, adding that people were taking risks to expose such elements. He asked them to share such information on e-mail address of the government as also on the MyGov App. (PTI/News24Bureau)


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