Most Stylish Men Of Bollywood And Their Personal Stylists

Ever wondered who are the people making our favourite Bollywood stars dress so damn good? No, right? Because we all were too engrossed in just checking out the clothes our stars wore and how well they looked on them! In reality, they are styled by people who know clothes better than them.

It’s a true fact that some of the actors you love don’t even have an idea of what to wear and where. This is the time these professionals called Personal Stylists come into the picture and rescue the actors and make them look like they are the most stylish men on this planet. Of course, we don’t say this for all actors and some are very stylish and fashionable on their own.

To be fair, in the film industry, people other than the stars hardly get any credit for what they do. Same would stand true for stylists as well. In order to bring the stylists in light who work behind the scenes to make the stars look dashing, we tell you who the personal stylists of stylish Bollywood actors are.

1. Shahid Kapoor – Styled by Kunal Rawal

Shahid’s very good friend is also his personal stylist and styles all the clothes worn by the actor. Kunal also styled and designed Shahid’s wedding outfits.

2. Ranveer Singh – Styled by Nitasha Gaurav

Nitasha has been Ranveer’s stylist for a long time now and is behind all the quirky and fancy outfits you see on him. Seeing Ranveer’s outfits, many more celebrities have got Nitasha on board as their personal stylist!

3. Varun Dhawan – Styled by Archana Walavalkar

Archana Walavalkar is the one making Varun look uber cool in all his movie outfits and even his outfits for promotional events. Looking at her styling, we surely think many more celebrities are going to sign her up pretty soon!

4. Anil Kapoor – Styled by Abhilasha Devnani and Chandini Whabi

This duo is behind Anil Kapoor looking so young and fresh. Looking at all the outfits, we think Anil Kapoor placed the right order by getting these two on board as his stylist!

5. Saif Ali Khan – Styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania

Saif trusts no one but Anaita when it comes to styling his clothes and we think his outfits are spot on.

6. Arjun Kapoor – Styled by Nitasha Gaurav

Taking inspiration from his close friend Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor is now Nitasha’s client as well and she is already making him look way better than before. A change of style always helps you change your outlook!

7. Akshay Kumar – Styled by Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar has an in house stylist as his wife Twinkle Khanna styles him for all the award functions and promotional events. Twinkle knows Akshay’s style best, we say!

8. Ayushmann Khurrana – Styled by Nitasha Gaurav

Nitasha is one damn good stylist because she makes every client look like the best dressed man ever. Ayushmann’s style has changed a great deal after being styled by Nitasha for sure.

9. Shahrukh Khan – Styled by Daena Sethna

It takes guts to style a star like Shahrukh Khan. The stakes are high and you can’t afford to get wrong with any outfit he wears. We say Daena Sethna is doing a great job.

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