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Masculine Style | 3 Reasons Why Tanner’s Website Is Worth Checking Out | StyleCon Speaker Series

I first learned of Tanner in late 2013.

A mutual friend said his writing was some of the best he’d seen in the style community.

It wasn’t till early 2014 that I took a look and discovered what I was missing.

Seriously – this guy does a great job putting thoughts to paper and his blog has fast become one of my favorites due to solid writing, practical viewpoints, and clear aim on who he writes for.

That being said – I am proud to announce Tanner Guzy will be speaking at StyleCon this year.

In the below video I share with you three reasons you should check out Masculine Style and give a listen toTanner’s new podcast.

Click here to check out Tanner’s Website – Masculine Style

Click here to grab a ticket to Style Con – At this LIVE event in Atlanta you can meet Tanner, Me, and 498 other men looking to improve themselves through self development and relationship building.  I would love to see you there.

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