Aamir Khan broke the internet when he tweeted that contrary to what obnoxious journalists say, he would happily work with Sunny Leone.

Ever since our imagination has been running riot – and we have added a Sunny twist to all our favourite Aamir starrers!


Kareena’s ghost keeps waiting for Aamir Khan to show up, but he is too busy  googling Sunny Leone.  That explains the ‘talaash’ ( google search, duh!)

Lagaan Sunny plays the female cricket coach – and the suitably distracted Brits lose without playing a single ball. As a result the film is only one hour long & wins the Best Foreign Film Oscar as the Academy actually watches it.

PK Aamir plays an alien who becomes an adult entertainment star on Earth. Sunny is his most formidable opponent.

Rangeela Aamir Khan blacks tickets for Mastizaade, and wins a Twitter contest to meet the star who falls for his sincerity.

How would Sunny Leone star in your favourite Aamir Khan movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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