Kim Kardashian cancels her Big Boss 8 appearance

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It is a very heartbreaking news for all Kim Kardashian fans and ‘Big Boss 8′ viewers. This foreign guest who was to arrive to India is no more up for this trip. A lot of excitement was seen among her fans when the news of her arrival was spread across.

Eventually we won’t get any juicy controversies from the sets of ‘Big Boss’ because Kim’s trip to India has gone for a toss. There are no revelations made as to why Kim’s trip got cancelled. The real purpose for Kardashian’s visit was to promote her new fragrance Fleur Fatale all over the globe. She was to stop in India and visit the reality show ‘Big Boss 8′ as a guest. However, nothing of that sort is going to happen. The sources have added that, ‘’ the trip has been called off because of some visa issues. There were some demands Kim could not fulfil and thus she has to drop India’s visit.’’ This hard news is a blow to all Kardashian fans in India. They can still hope for some miracle that would sort Kim’s visa trouble.

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