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Kapil Dev launches ‘SloPho’ Social Gamified Collaboration Platform

Former Indian cricket team captain, Kapil Dev launched a new social gamified collaboration platform today, called SloPho.

SloPho aims to allow users to connect with brands and win prizes by participating in games, quizzes, or contests. Users earn points and are listed on a national leaderboard. These points can also be eventually redeemed or transferred, for prizes, or bartered for advertising space. There’s a cumulative average daily prize to be won which is valued at Rs 25,000 and might increase significantly during special promotions or festivals. SlowPho will allow businesses to host campaigns by region or language, and have two-way communication with users, through gamified promotions which will engage their brand to build long term communities. is a gamified platform that strives to add value to all its users by having amazing contests around videos and photos; you can participate in these contests and win amazing prizes and goodies!! allows you to monetize your connections, something that no other platform does, while having complete control over who to invite and which circle you want to put that person in. For corporates, it provides an engaging platform for their customers and helps them build amazing brand loyalty and connection. Hop On and get clicking!!

Kapil Dev is the co-owner of the company and stated:

“With SloPho, we want to give users, corporates and professionals, a social platform that not only fulfils their need to connect and collaborate, but also earn rewards for it in a way that matters most to them. This social platform is truly for everyone and is our contribution to the Prime Minister’s Make in India initiative. Our aim is to take it to every smartphone user, corporate and professional in the country and then internationally by providing ease of use, accessibility on smartphone OS platform as well as availability in different languages”

SloPho is available on Android for free, but will be coming to iOS soon. The app is available in English for now, but will also come in Hindi, Tamil, and Gujarati in the next three months. The desktop version has been available for over a year now. [Google Play Store Link]

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