Facial Recognition For Aadhaar Adds Another Layer Of Security

Ever since Aadhaar card has come into existence, transformations are being made one after the other to make it the only most secure identity proof for every Indian citizen. In the most recent development, UIDA, that is, Unique Identification Authority of India has introduced a new feature which will be the facial authentication feature which will be used in conjugation with the existing means of authentication like fingerprints, iris recognition, and OTP.


This new feature will probably be implemented by July 2018 and is expected to enhance the security of all the confidential information of millions of Indian citizens.

UIDAI had released a press conference e on Monday in which it was clearly informed that the face authentication will be an additional choice for those who face difficulty with the fingerprint or iris recognition and since all the existing Aadhaar card holders already have their picture on the Aadhaar which was clicked at the time of enrolment, no new data is also required for this feature to bring into use.


With this authorization, people would not be required to visit Aadhaar center again as UIDAI will be able to simply tap on the saved database to activate the feature. Plus, this will work in addition to the biometric device providers integrating face modality into certified registered devices by UIDAI and also be providing standalone registered device service.

To increase the security of information, UIDAI has already added extra firewall with virtual IDs and limited KYC. An additional security layer is also placed by UIDAI which is a ‘bio-metric lock’ protecting against any external interruptions or breaches.


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