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Every coin has two sides, so does every story.

“I was Urinating, Not Masturbating”, Says Shamed Mumbai Guy. Walks Out With Bail

Recently the internet was in a frenzy over the story of a  man who masturbated at an American woman, as she claimed. 

We too had run two stories about it – the first one when the story broke-through and one yesterday, after he was arrested.

In further developments, mid-day has reported that the 25-year-old resident of Colaba claims that he was only urinating and not masturbating at her. 

He says “I was urinating there. When I finished, the foreign woman came from behind and saw me zip up my shorts. Our eyes met and suddenly she was screaming.”

She had put up a tweet about the incident asking people to retweet. 

Source: Twitter

He added saying that as he was coming back from his morning walk and there were no places to relieve himself, so he urinated between two parked cars, which is where the incident happened. 

After intervention from the CM, the police who were under pressure to nab the person, circulated his picture on WhatsApp. He was arrested two days later. 

He has been granted bail, reports mid-day. 

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