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Did You Know There’s A Village In UP Named After

Have you ever heard of this little village in Muzaffarnagar, UP, called As weird as it sounds, a village in Muzaffarnagar was renamed after Indian e-commerce giant Snapdeal a few years ago. Originally known as Shiv Nagar, residents of the village renamed it as acknowledgement to the company’s efforts in the village’s development. 

If you’re wondering how Shiv Nagar became Nagar, here’s how it happened:

Snapdeal’s CEO, Kunal Bahl visited Shiv Nagar in 2011 to make a sizeable donation to this little village. 


When he was there, he observed that the villagers had to walk for miles to fetch water. 


So, what did Snapdeal do? They donated 15 handpumps to the village.

The company decided to make a donation of a little over ₹3,33,000 and install 15 handpumps within the village.


In return, the people of Shiv Nagar elected to rename their village to Nagar.

Although, the donation was made in good faith and Bahl never expected anything in return for the company’s effort, the village elders elected to rename the village as Nagar as a manner of returning the favour. 


Now, Bahl plans on making further donations to the village by building better infrastructure and providing better education & health amenities.


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