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Beardbrand | 3 Reasons to Check out Eric Bandholz’s Website | StyleCon Speaker Series

Eric Beardbrand

One of the greatest representations of masculinity.

And not many men sport a beard better or have done more to raise awareness of it’s benefits than Eric Bandholz.

In fact – we named his beard’s style after him in our popular Beard Guide Infographic!

Beardbrand is a beard lovers paradise.

Not only will you find solid advice on how to care for your beard, there is also a wide selection of products available for purchase. Pretty much a one-stop shop for any bearded man or someone interested in growing one.

If your a beard enthusiast, you will want to check out these sections on BeardBrand:

  1. The Vision of Beardbrand

  2. Beard Care

  3. Beard Grooming Kits

Having Eric speak at StyleCon in Atlanta this year is a huge addition and one I’m excited for. StyleCon is taking place on May 1-3 this year specifically for men interested in style, grooming and many other relevant topics.

In the video below, I list three reasons to check out Beardbrand and why Eric is someone you want to meet along with the other experts speaking at StyleCon 2015.

Grab your ticket to StyleCon here – This event will be LIVE in Atlanta where you can have a conversation with Eric, myself and many other men’s style enthusiasts

Click here to watch my video on YouTube –  Beardbrand | 3 Reasons Why Eric’s Website Is Worth Checking Out

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