Bangalore in your blood

Okay, first let’s get political correctness out of the way. It might be Bengaluru officially, but this author finds it more authentic to call this city Bangalore. You know, like the good ol’ days? Okay, now coming to the point. If you live in, or have ever lived in – or even have visited Bangalore for some time, you know that the title of this article is totally not a hyperbole. And these 14 valid points prove why!

1. Paradise For Music Lovers


All the best concerts in India take place here. This is the perfect place for music lovers, as every artist who visits India is sure to perform at Bangalore. And people here are hardcore music fans, the rock culture being amazing in this city. 

2. Pubs, Pubs Everywhere!


There is a pub or a brewery at every corner of the city. Every street you step on, you are sure to find a cozy little pub serving your choicest drinks – so you are never far from booze.

3. Utopian Climate


The weather is perfect throughout the year. You don’t need to sweat a river or freeze to death in this city – and hearing people complain of summers and winters in Delhi makes you smile if you are a Bangalorean.

4. Clean And Green


It is a beautiful city, with breath-taking parks strewn across the entire location – even by the side of the busiest intersection! The green cover in this city is amazing.

5. What Traffic?


The traffic in Bangalore is quite laidback and much lesser than the other metropolitan cities. Four-hour long traffic jam in Gurgaon? It is unheard of in the relaxed city of Bangalore. 

6. Artsy And All


Bangaloreans are quite artistic – amazing graffiti and other arts adorn the city walls, making a walk in the city feel like an open art gallery!

7. Gastronomic Delight!

© The Black Pearl

People here take their food very seriously—you will find the best themed restaurants here in Bangalore.

8. Convenient For Vacationers

© Munnar Tourism

Popular weekend getaways are just a night’s journey away from here. Whether you want to go to Goa or Gokarna, they are just 7-8 hours away from the main city. Even Mangalore and Kerala are pretty close!

9. Hip, Trendy Youths

© Youtube

The youth of Bangalore are some of the most progressive of the nation – and it shows! Not only are they one of the firsts to come up with flash mobs and viral videos, we still respect the Bangalorean dudes for wearing skirts last year as a protest against sexual assaults on women. These guys rock!

10. Hello, Extended Deadline!

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Much had hitherto been said about the sad nightlife of Bangalore. But not anymore! Discos and clubs now have a weekend deadline of 1 am. Party on, people!

11. Low Crime Rates


And you don’t get that from the law enforcers without the crime rate being low! Unlike places like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, where women are being raped at the drop of a hat.

12. Safe Place For Women


It is the safest city for women – whether they are pub-hopping or just walking about, they don’t need to worry about catcallers and eve-teasers at all.

13. Thriving IT Industry

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It is the IT hub of the nation. If you are an IT professional, there is no better place for you to thrive in than India’s very own Silicon Valley!

14. Cool People, Macha!


Last, but definitely not the least – the people here are the nicest! And even though it is down south, people coming in from other parts of the city never feel linguistically handicapped as they do in Chennai. If you can’t manage Kannada, hey! Hindi and English work perfectly well.

To sum it up, there is not one person I have come across who has lived for a part of their life in Bangalore and told me that the place sucks. Everyone who has been there always has one thing to say, “Bangalore is just the coolest place ever!” So, cheers to you if you have Bangalore in your blood too, da!

Photo: © Youtube (Main Image)

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