Ahmedabad Tourist Places

Ahmedabad is a Judicial capital city of Gujarat. It is a fifth largest state in India. It has various tourist attractions. Here i’m giving places to visit in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad- Top 10 places to visit in Ahmedabad

1. Sabarmati Ashram

This is a very calm and soothing place and most importantly related to the great legend Mahatma Gandhi. It is a must see place for everyone. It is relating to Indian history for freedom.

Sabarmati Ashram- Top 10 places to visit in Ahmedabad

2. Auto World Vintage Museum

It is good place for car lovers. The museum has a cool collection of vintage cars. The Auto World Vintage Car Museum is a glittering feather in Ahmedabad’s cap. It has been developed and proudly nurtured by Pranlal Bhogilal.

Auto world vintage museum-Ahmedabad

3. Kankaria Lake

This lake is one among the biggest lake in Ahmedabad. It is a great crowd pulling leisure spot. It is good place to hangout with family or friends. Here you get many modes of entertainment like, toy train, hot air balloon etc. Its really more colourful after evening with all its excellent lighting.

kankaria lake-Top 10 Places to visit in Ahmedabad

4. Adalaj Step Well

It is a place to see how water is conserved during past in a unique style. The well is made in different level. It has intelligent architect. It is five stories in depth. It is a cool place of attraction.

Adalaj Step well- Top 10 places to visit in Ahmedabad

5. Ahmed Shah’s mosque

The mosque was constructed by Founder of Ahmedabad Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1414 AD. It is a very religious place for muslims. It is intricately designed by architects. There is a separate chamber for women in the mosque.

Ahmed Shah’s mosque- Places to visit in Ahmedabad

6. Akshardham Temple

This is a one among the best temple in India. It is a very beautiful temple, it looks more awesome in evening. Intricately carved, the majestic Monument made of 6,000 tons of pink sandstone is awash with spiritual stillness. It needs a day to properly see its beauty.

7. The Law Garden

This is a public garden. It has a famous market outside it. If you have a good bargaining power than this is a place for you. This market offers traditional colourful cloths. It also offers good food options, it has good food stalls. It is best seen at evening.

The Law Garden-Ahmedabad

8. Roza

Sarkhej Roza was once a prominent Sufi culture centre in India. Ahmedabad has rozas but it is a prominent one. Lying at a stretch of 8 kms on the south western side of Ahmedabad, Sarkhej Roza was the home of the spiritual leader of Sultan Ahmed Shah, who was a Muslim religious leader.


9. Hutheesing Jain Temple

The temple is made up of white marble. It was built in 1848 A.D by a rich merchant Sheth Hutheesing as a dedication to the 15th Jain tirthankar, Shri Dharmanatha. The construction was supervised and completed by his wife Shethani Harkunvar. The temple architect was Premchand Salat. It is a worth seeing place. It is a intricately carved building.

Hutheesing jain temple ahmedabad

10. Nal sarovar Bird Sanctuary

It is a must visit place. It has great tourist attraction. If you visit it at the right time you got to see the migratory birds that come here every year after the end of monsoon. It is consisting of a huge lake and marshes. Millions of birds visit the delightful bird sanctuary in winter and spring.

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