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Kish Raveendran was born on November 20, 1986, in Sri Lanka amidst the horrors of the civil war. During this chaotic period, his family had managed to relocate and move across the globe to places like Oman, Paris, then finally settling in Canada; Paris being the most crucial and influential of them all. His passion for style rooted from the Parisian streets leading him to pursuit a living in Fashion. Toronto is where he truly was able to build a career after attending his first ever Fashion Week in Montreal. Experience has helped him understand that dreams are possible, skip ahead nine years, and here is. Not only is he a well know fashion stylist working for Grafic (, he has developed himself into a fashion blogger ( and instructor at TFA (Toronto Fashion Academy). Having marked his footprint in Toronto, Kish has grown to become a fashion icon amongst the global Fashion industry. As of recent, he has been at work into developing his own clothing brand KISH – launching in March 2015. KISH isn’t just about style, it’s about a man pouring his heart and soul into something he is committed and that is FASHION. “Fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style.” – Kish

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