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8 Style Upgrades for the Modern Man’s Wardrobe


It is a myth that men need not be as stylish and fashion-forward as women. There’s no doubt about the fact that men like looking good too. It is said that clothes make the man. While that thought may be a tad exaggerated, one cannot deny that clothes do help uplift your personality to a great extent. Dressing well makes you look good, which in turn, makes you feel great about yourself. Fashion keeps changing, while style is eternal and lasts forever. Hence, it makes sense to keep your style constant and experiment with the shifting trends. Doing so should help you maintain your individuality, as well as be wise with your fashion choices. A stylish man is one who makes it a point to upgrade his wardrobe with time. It is a great idea to add new elements to it at the start of every new season. Wondering how you should upgrade it to make it all-the-more stylish? This post can help.

1. Wear the Right Fit


If you’ve always wondered how the guy next door always manages to nail all the looks you’ve been trying, the answer may lie in the fit of your clothes. Try not to look shabby and you’re sure to score in this area. When you shop at stores, always try the clothes on before buying them. Go for those which suit the shape and size of your body and fit well. Remember, your clothes should embrace your body and not suffocate or hang on it. Think slim-fit. Whether you buy shirts, t-shirts, jeans or trousers, form-fitting clothes lend you sleeker appearance. The trick to sporting a slim-fit piece is to wear it one size bigger as that is more likely to provide you with a better fit. You can also find yourself a good tailor and have him stitch you clothes according to your size and personal preferences. You could also get your favorite garments nipped and tucked by him for a clean-cut look.

2. Work on the Color Schemes

It is important that you’re well aware of the colors that suit your skin tone. When pairing your shirts and bottoms, make sure that you team complementing color schemes and patterns. You can wear a light-colored shirt with a pair of dark-colored khaki trousers for a smart corporate look. For a more business-oriented look, consider donning a shirt with vertical stripes. If you do not like wearing khakis to work, you could wear trousers in deep-brown or those in shades of olive. Charcoal-gray pants are a great alternative too. Experiment with pastel shades like tan, yellow, lavender and pink as these will go with a wide range of trousers, blazers, jackets and ties. For the more adventurous souls, there is always the patterned trouser which can be worn with a solid white or a light-blue shirt to create an impact.

3. Jazz It Up with a Blazer


A lot of men underestimate what a sharply-cut blazer can do for them. If you’re one of those men, then it’s time to change your mindset. Layering your attire with a blazer can make you stand out in a crowd. In fact, it works wonders if you want to achieve a business-casual look. Even a basic blazer in colors like gray, charcoal or navy look smart and would prove to be the right choice in taking your look a notch higher. Blazers look more sophisticated than over shirts, hoodies, bomber and denim jackets, and are perfect for wearing anytime of the day or event. Simply put it on over a casual shirt and slim-fit jeans and watch how it instantly spruces up your personal.

4. Put a Scarf Around It


If you thought scarves were for women, think again. Men wear it with élan as well. In fact, wearing a scarf is probably the easiest way to add bold patterns, colors and textures to your ensemble. Several men wear scarves to project their own sense of style. A great way to include a scarf in your formal outfit is by wearing it in lieu of neckties. Not only will you stand out, you will also look extremely stylish. There are many ways of throwing on the humble scarf. Whether you choose one in luxurious fabrics such as cashmere or silk, or the more down-to-earth ones like cotton and polyester, a good scarf can enhance your overall look.

5. Rev Up Your Casual Style

If your idea of casual dressing is wearing a baggy t-shirt with extra low-waist jeans and sneakers, then you need to snap out of your delusion and look for better casual wear options that smarten up your look. The good-fit rule applies here as well. Yes, even t-shirts need to have a good fit and so does your favorite pair of blue jeans. So out with the slack-y and in with the chic-y! Whether you wear chambray shirts, t-shirts or personalized polo shirts, make sure they hug you well from the shoulders and the sleeves.

6. Substitute the Cap with a Hat


Unless you’re an awkward teenager who’s trying hard to make it to the school’s sports team, get rid of that baseball cap, and put on a classy hat instead. The right hat can be the perfect foil to your flawless outfit. You could try the newsboy hat for a polished look. For more chutzpah, don a wide-brimmed fedora and make heads turn. – photo source 

7. Belt Out the Right One

When choosing a belt for yourself, go for one that is understated and matches the kind of outfit you’re wearing. Choose darker colors over light ones. Avoid big, flashy belts that make you look like a wrestler or a rodeo champ.

8. Keep the Shine On

While shoes may be the last thing that people might notice about you, they do matter. This is why it makes sense to invest in a high-quality and comfortable pair of shoes. And it doesn’t end there. You need to keep them shiny and clean. Not only will doing so make you look sharper, it will increase their longevity as well.


Being stylish and with-the-times not only boosts your confidence, it will also make you more memorable to everyone you meet. While it may not be difficult to upgrade your style quotient, it might get a tad difficult for you to keep up with the compliments you receive. The above suggestions should help you figure out what elements you need to give your wardrobe a facelift. Do pay heed and you’ll soon have one which spells timelessness and sophistication.  

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