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8 Reasons Why Nice Guys Get Friendzoned All The Time

I am going to be brutally honest here. Hope you people can take it.

Life is not a movie. Girls do not realize midway in their present relationship that there is a nice guy she knows and dumps the existing guy for him. They usually stay in the relationship in its own fucked up way and learn to love each other acknowledging all the fucked parts the other person has.

Ever heard of a nice guy crashing a wedding to reclaim his love who is going to be married?

No. Cause that is not nice. And nice guys don’t do shit like that. Nice guys sit in their homes and recite things like “Set your love free, and if she loves you she will come back”

If this wasn’t enough, let’s elaborate.

1. Cause nice is not attractive


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Ever been to any store ever? Let’s try a furniture shop. Let’s take a walk into it. When you enter the store, on your right are the cheap sofas that look like total shit. You are definitely not buying that. Then comes the mediumly priced ones. They look ok, feel nice, and are perfect for your budget.

All’s good. Then comes the good stuff. Oh, the fabric! The cushions have sex with your butt when you sit on them. They look like the sofas that could increase the value of your house if you just buy them.

Also, they are water and dirt-proof. Oh lordy lord.

Let’s walk out of the store. Which one do you want? Obviously the awesome one. But you know, you will probably get the nice ones.

Right there it’s a compromise.

Nice is not rememberable and attractive.

2. Nice is not interesting, it is boring


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Nice is all well and good, but in the end it is still an auxiliary quality in a man. It shouldn’t be the core quality you have. So when a third person is describing you, he/she shouldn’t go like, “Oh XYZ! He is a nice guy.”

Because that’s where the description ends. Let’s say you have some good life skills and a rememberable personality, your friend will probably go, “Oh ABC! That guy is an awesome musician and his guitar moans like a woman in pleasure when he plays it. He is cocky, but I like it.”

Nice is boring. Nice is common. And it certainly shouldn’t be the first thing you describe yourself as.

3. Nice guys are every-fucking-where


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Nice guys are apparently wholesale. They are everywhere. And just because of this nice people don’t stand out. It’s like a factory line that’s churning out the same product of very nice men, wearing the same nice personality, speaking in the same shy way, having manners and shit.

It is like a lake full of swans. There is no bloody color to distinguish.

You know how people complain that their life is making a zombie out of them? Wake up, work, go back home, sleep, repeat? Add being nice to that shit.

Nice guys are basically zombies. And zombies are all in a horde. Not distinguishable at all, is it?

4. Being nice can be learnt too.


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Let’s say a very pesky beggar comes up to you and asks for alms. You have had a bad day. What do you do? Do you shoo him away or do you be nice and tell him no politely? Even the nicest people can crack and be rude. Even the rudest person can find heart and be nice, because he feels like it.

Being nice is a social construct, it is not something that is inherent.

You always have an option of being nice. If you are nice most of the times, you are known as the nice guy. Niceness can be learnt.

5. Because nice guys haven’t found someone who finds them interesting


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I do not want this to sound like a console or a complimentary point, but in the end, maybe you are nice and didn’t find a person who finds you unique.

Maybe nice people are so hung up being nice, they forget what makes them truly wild and interesting.

6. Nice guys are not really smart at getting the girl


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If you keep aside this “nice is boring” thought, nice guys are very passive at getting a girl. They do nice things like cute messages and flowers and all that nice jazz.

Not so nice guys are much more dynamic when they court a girl. They literally sweep the girl off of her feet and she is left with wondering, “What the fuck just happened. How did I fall for him so easily? That never happens to me!”

Nice guys are not really willing to go the whole 9 yards to get a girl, because well, they are being nice aren’t they? What else does a girl need?

7. Because of the “nice guys get friendzoned” whine, nice guys get depressing


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I am going to put it in a more blunt way – nice guys whine when they lose a girl. How many passive aggressive memes are you going to make to let people know you have been friendzoned? How much are you going to cry about it?

When people talk about their romances and their romantic aspect of life, people want to hear the happy and the sad part, because that is what goes deep.

Not the whining. Whining is being pseudo-sad. It is not even close to real sadness.

Whining dries up panties faster than the Sahara desert.

8. Because nice guys just want love, and women out there want something more than that


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All that romance and love is good. But women do want it to get risque and naughty at some part of the relationship. Vanilla romance is good, but not always wanted, especially if you are thinking long term.

Every person is unique and interesting. Don’t hide it. Flaunt it.

That’s when being nice becomes a footnote in your description.

“He is so cool! He makes me flush figuratively and literally!”

“Also, he is a nice guy.”

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