7 reasons why you need a Bihari friend in your life!

Giving 7 reasons about it or even 20 is not going to make any sense here because we all know Biharis are everywhere. They have been able to make their presence felt in most parts of the country and there is pretty high probability of you knowing one or two of them. But are you friends with them? I guess you don’t have enough reasons to do that. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should have a Bihari friend in your life:

1. Their language:

Why do you need a single friend when you can get a bunch of them in just one? Biharis have this habit of using “Hum” instead of “Main” and it adds certain weight to the language as well. They also have a pretty respectful tone when it comes to conversation. “Humari baat samajh aa rahi hai na aapko”

2. Need an opinion? Talk to them.

Are you confused about something that has been troubling you for days? Can you not make the correct decision? Don’t you worry. You have a Bihari friend. A Bihari person has an opinion on literally every thing. They can talk about Politics, sports, movies or any thing you are interested in.

3. They are extremely proud of themselves!

You think finding a logical Bollywood movie is difficult, try finding a Bihari who is not proud of himself. And who does not love a person who has a deep sense of pride in his roots and works hard to defend it? Make a Bihari friend and you will know how it feels like to be extremely proud of your identity. Who do you think made the phrase “Ek Bihari sab par bhari”? It’s obviously us.

4. A Bihari friend will never ditch you!

There are nice friends, there are good friends and there are Bihari friends. They will always be by your side whatever the situation be. You can count on them whenever you are in trouble. This is one thing we always want in a friend. Don’t we?

5. Need a quick snack? Go to a Bihari!

No, We are not talking about Maggi here. Oh Damn! It’s gone. But Seriously, A  Bihari mother is very protective of her kid and if he is living in a hostel, he is set to have a load of quick snacks. If he doesn’t, he is lying, he is definitely lying. You are welcome. I might get killed too for spilling the secret.

6. Need help from an Engineer/Doctor/I.A.S Officer?

And we all know a bihari’s favorite profession. Most of them turn out to be a doctor, engineer or an I.A.S Officer. You might not think they would but they eventually do. They might spend their time wasting on other stuff but once they are determined, there is no stopping them.

7. They have an amazing sense of humor!

Who doesn’t love that friend who can make you laugh even at the most difficult times. Biharis generally have an amazing sense of humor and they can literally make a joke on everything. They can laugh about most of things until the joke is on them. Joke on everything but not about them warna teri maa ki………..

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