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7 Facts That Prove Ancient India Was Far More Progressive Than Modern India

Contrary to popular belief, folks from purana jamana were far more chill in life than us. Whether it’d be discussing sexuality, being unabashed about smoking up or the ideas of science, we had a better lot before us. There was no need for feminism, we had an awful lot of women leaders. No need to establish Hindu-Muslim quota, and no proof required for nationalism. Divorce didn’t hold a social stigma and multiple other reasons why ancient India was the best era to live in. We’ve listed a few here:


Did you know we celebrated Marijuana’s existence? According to Vedas, cannabis were a source of happiness and liberator that were given to humans in old era to attain delight and lose fear. In fact the plants main endorser is Lord Shiva himself. In case, you visited Simhastha this year in Ujjain, you might have observed Sadhus going green because for them, it’s not a drug, but a liberator.



A Hindu sect called Cārvāka‘s followed principals of Atheism, and their views were embraced by the society, unlike now. An Atheist in modern world is labelled, ‘Anti-national’ being the favourite of the Bhakts, seen as godless rebels who have no place in the society.



Try an activity. Gather all your family members, and tell them the topic of the discussion today is Sex. You might just receive some bashing, I might just get slapped for the same. Unlike old India where our ancestors didn’t flinch from debating on sexuality, sex and intercourse. How cool!


Our ancestors were pretty fine about the idea of Transgenders. They even had gods dedicated to them.

Martijn Crowe


Prostitution was legal and widespread in primeval India. In Arthashastra providing sexual pleasure to the public using prostitutes was an activity controlled by state-owned establishments.



Sculptors and cravings often had nudity, and were not looked down upon by the society. Music and dance was also religiously practised all over the country with no shame.



In ancient India, religion never stood in the way of science. Unlike the lack of agricultural infrastructure in today’s world, primeval India put a lot of thought and math into architecture and water storage. The there was Ayurveda which still has an upper hand compared to Allopathy medicines.


After knowing this, I just have one question to the world: Can anyone make time machine available to me? I want to hop on and never come back.

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