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6 things Priyanka Taught Us About Hollywood Glamour

All of us have memories of Priyanka Chopra in fitted dresses that did nothing to her body, ‘80s scarves on her hair and tighter-than-tight corsets. We guffawed and ranted about her style. Rather the lack of it. But not anymore. In the last decade, Priyanka Chopra woke up from her slumber and made sure her sensible style prevailed – with the help of Ami Patel, her stylist of course. But the girl cinched her personal style well. She finally understood how her body worked – she’s petite so hello pencil skirts. But seriously, she nailed her style again and again and made sure her affinity to anything bling went away. Now, as she gears up for Hollywood, her style sheet seems to have changed once again. It’s Cali-chic meets sporty glam and her new look has us panting for breath. In a good way. So we decided to put together a list of six things that she taught us about hitting Hollywood in style. When in Rome….blah blah, right?

Wear in Doubt, Wear a Bralet So, you have a fab body and even better fabulous style – how do you showcase it in the right amount? How do you really stay sexy without looking skanky? Enter, bralets. They make for great outfits on their own but when layered with shirts, tops and worn underneath dresses, they give out a chic vibe. Shop: Miss Selfridge lonestar scuba bralet, ₹1045

The Best Way to Wear your Attitude? Get Some Cleavage You need a good bra, some great highlighter and loads of attitude to pull off décolletage. Priyanka does it right – with a sensible black dress and a good push-up bra that showcases the curves well. The trick? Don’t overload the dress with too many accessories, cleavage is enough! Shop: Pretty Secrets nude fabulous push up bra, ₹699

Red lips Will Take Care of Every Fashion Problem! It’s not everyday that one wears bright red, but red lipstick is the most important accessory one can sport at any event. And it is about the right red, isn’t it? Wear a engine red + gloss to give it enough depth and make sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth. A good pout goes a long way! Shop: Fran Wilson luxe red lipstick, ₹672

Abandon Shoe Confusion. Keep a Good Pair of Pumps at Hand! Somehow, Priyanka Chopra is partial to her pumps. We have seen that her looks always have pumps tucked away somewhere and we are loving it. Why? Because pumps are versatile and comfortable. If you pick the right colours, you’ll never have a shoe emergency. Shop: La Isla silver stilettos ₹2499

Just-Got-Out-Of-Bed Hair is All The Rage No one does bedhead quite like glamorous dear PC. Most of her Hollywood looks happened after she got a really short haircut and that means doing bedhead is not that easy. But Priyanka takes up the challenge and makes sure she does it with wild abandon. Crimp – back comb and add some spray. Done! Shop: Schwarzkopf Osis shine spray, ₹808

Experiment With Velvet, It Can Make You Stand Out! It’s a tough fabric – velvet that is. It sure is stuffy for summers and a tad boring for winters. That means, you need to know how to work it. Wear a silhouette that works for you – drape it or go for an A-line. Add in some extra fabric – maybe a lace detail or some nice embroidery and bingo, you’re all set to conquer the world! Shop: River Island velvet dress, ₹4490

Photographs: Getty Images

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