6 Most Stylish Male Politicians Today

stylish people you might have encountered. They may be sitting in for Cabinet meetings or chatting with international folk from all over the world, but they never compromise on their style. So here’s to 6 such men who make our fashion meters proud.

1. Barack Obama

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We love him in a well tucked-in shirt, a more than just-functional tie over a pair of formal trousers talking to a large audience and owning the stage. More than a blazer we prefer Mr. Obama when he is little less decked up in formality. You can see him perfectly dressed even as he takes a stroll with his wife Michelle. 

2. Narendra Modi

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Now, we all were witness to Modi’s bold fashion statement when he wore the famous striped suit with his name printed all over on Republic Day. The half-sleeved kurta, or the “Modi kurta” as it is popularly known, has created raves among khaadi lovers. You can trust Modi for his clean cuts and neat colour combinations. The secret to our Prime Minister’s ageless charm lies in his way of dressing. 

3. Shashi Tharoor


If there is a politician who doesn’t look like one, it’s Mr Tharoor. From crisp khadi jackets to that perfect brown hair, Mr Tharoor is the golden boy of Indian politics. 

4. Omar Abdullah

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He rocks every occasion with his elegance and class. Subtle yet effective, he is one of the leading politicians when it comes to good looks and charms on our list. 

5. Jyotiraditya Scindia


Mr. Scindia is known for his effortless and effective mixing of designer labels with ethnic wear. If there is a politician interested in the dynamics of fashion, our vote goes to him. 

6. Sachin Pilot

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We have a contender for the ramp walk, guys! This member of the Indian National Congress  rocks the stylish politician look with his sleeveless vests and short kurtas with leather chappals whenever he is out on duty. 

Whether it is the ‘bandh galla’ or the ‘kolhapuris’, these men know the in and out of personal styling and they are not afraid to show it off. 

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