6 Hottest Beard Styles Of 2015

Growing a beard is the best thing a man can ever do. It’s like a blessing straight from the god, a gift that makes man very, very special. So, it’s only fitting every man should know what really to do and how exactly to style the awesomeness that’s the facial hair. Fret not, for our friends at Hairstyleonpoint created a detailed but cool infographic on some of the fanciest facial hairstyles of 2015, as well as some products to maintain the style, that will make men look…well, plain HOT.

© Hairstyleonpoint(dot)com

To give you a clearer sense of perspective, we’ve also collated real images representing these 6 trendiest styles of 2015.

Designer Stubble

© Pinterest/raddestlooks (dot)net


© Tumblr

Full Beard

© Tumblr

Captain Jack

© Pinterest

Hipster Beard

© Ricki Hall

Van Dyke Beard

© Twitter

Which one would you like to sport? Tell us in the comments below. Till then, beard on fellas!

Main Image © tomcairnsphotography

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