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51 Photos That Prove Indians Are The Ultimate Kings Of Jugaad

“Umeed pe duniya kayam hai aur India ki umeed jugaad pe.” 

As Indians we know this to be true. We not only do the best jugaads possible but also take pride in it. And why shouldn’t we? Innovation is a hallmark of excellence and we certainly excel in this field. We don’t need to follow the conventional way of doing things. It’s about being different from the rest and that is what we are.

Here are 51 photos that prove that Indians are the ultimate kings of jugaad:

1. Now this is what you call an assembled PC.

Source: kaskus

2.  Tractor + Road roller = Troller.

Source: imeche

3. Someone stole the driver’s seat? So what?

Source: boydom

4. This isn’t a lap dance. Just friends helping each other out.

Source: getmalayalam

5. And he entered the mandir without any worries.

Source: bandbajao

6. Even gully cricket has video referrals these days!

Source: google+

7. He was out of chutney…

Source: funnfun

8. That is a universal remote. Can work on any TV.

Source: bandbajao

9. Who says you can’t practice driving at home?

Source: indianfunnypicture

10. Can’t afford a car? No problem!

Source: indianfunnypicture

11. One AC, two rooms.

Source: dailymoss

12. Because a mirror is too conventional.

Source: dailymoss

13. Who says CDs are outdated?

Source: bandbajao

14. Behold the nal-key!

Source: fishki

15. How about some Gol monk tonight?

Source: mobypicture

16. Showered with creativity!

Source: bandbajao

17. No more trips to the kitchen…

Source: dailymoss

18. Iss ghadi ka waqt kharaab tha!

Source: twitter

19. Bum-box!

Source: bandbajao

20. A giant step for mankind…

Source: changaramkulam

21. The new AC coach!

Source: bandbajao

22. Just hanging around…

Source: storyepic

23. That’s called ‘Delling’ with a problem

Source: xaror

24. This playboy keeps his ride locked up.

Source: toplowridersites

25. Too bad we never got to see the face of this creative genius.

Source: memedroid

26. Motor by day, bike by night.

Source: blogspot

27. Just to steer around town.

Source: mountakhab

28. In case, he wanted to collect water.

Source: topmail

29. Is doodh mein iron ki shakti hai.

Source: desidime

30. Because boys don’t cry…

Source: humourr

31. Where danger meets brilliance…

Source: google+

32. Asli ujala switch on karke hoga!

Source: quora

33. He solved the CPU over-heating issue!

Source: funnyjugaad

34. He deserves a sitting ovation…

Source: izilol

35. Khella-brella?

Source: prikol

36. No fridge? No problem!

Source: desifukrey

37. Keeping cool!

Source: e9fun

38. This is definitely not a batting wicket.

Source: facebook

39. Pulsar 220 with 220 litre capacity.

Source: youtube

40. Beep beep! Oh sorry… Tring tring!