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5 Indian States With The Most Dangerous Women

Crime is gender neutral. In a country like India where crimes against women are committed every second, and no woman is safe on the streets at night, it is likely that women will always be considered as victims. But reality is far from it. Last year’s crime report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), points out to the fact that the number of women arrested for murder in Maharasthra alone was 579.  The state tops in the list of states with highest number of women arrested for crimes.

Indian States With The Most Dangerous Women


These Are The 5 Indian States With Highest Number Of Women Criminals

As per the NCRB report, in 2014 alone, around 1,94,867 women were arrested across India, for crimes ranging from murder, rape, kidnapping to dacoity and robbery, basically every crime that men commit. The top 5 states with the most number of women arrested in 2014 are:

1. Maharashtra

Number of women arrested in 2014: 30,568 

The state of Maharashtra, with its fast-growing economy and pacy lifestyle, had the highest number of women criminals in 2014. 

2. Uttar Pradesh

Number of women arrested:17,437

For a state that is infamous for its rowdy men, lack of law and order, and violent crimes, it’s no surprise that the women too resort to violent means. 

3. Rajasthan

Number of women arrested: 16, 187

Surprisingly, the seemingly-peaceful state has the third highest number of crimes against women too.  

4. Gujarat

Number of women arrested:14,152 

The state that has suffered much violence in the past – natural calamities, riots, et all. – is a surprise entry on the list. 

5. West Bengal

Number of women arrested:12,181 

Crime Is Not Restricted To Men

Indian States With The Most Dangerous Women


The Indrani Mukherjea case is not a one-off case of a woman being a ruthless murderer. It points to the oft-hidden reality that women are equally capable of violence, and their number is growing. Today, when women are empowered by education, money, and social laws, they are as much capable of committing crimes as men are. And female criminals have it easier going unnoticed since they are the last ones to be suspected. 

DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni, Mumbai police spokesperson, said: “Very few women manage to give up crime after release from prison; 99.9% of them turn into hardened criminals. Many form gangs specializing in pick-pocketing, theft and economic offences.”

“Genders are coming closer and just as there are unisex clothes, crime too is gender-neutral,” psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty told TNN.

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