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3 Killer Gadgets Every Budding Spy Must Have This Year

You’re a sophisticated secret agent with a knack for saving the world. With one blast of your Walther PPK, you can stop a cackling despot in his tracks before quaffing a Martini – shaken, not stirred – and striding off into the sunset with a supermodel on your arm.

When you’re not busy foiling a super villain’s fiendish plan, you can be found suit shopping on Savile Row, spinning around town in your vintage Aston Martin and spouting pithy lines to passersby. Next, it’s a quick pit stop at MI6 to check in with Q and pick up your latest technological thingamabob, before making Miss Moneypenny swoon at your handsomeness and debonair charm.Then you wake up.

For most of us, the closest we’ll get to thwarting nihilistic intentions comes in our dreams, but this shouldn’t prevent us from attempting to live the James Bond lifestyle on a more modest scale.

So, rather than lying on the couch in your Pierce Brosnan pyjamas and fiddling with your homemade listening device, check out these three killer gadgets EVERY budding spy must have in 2015 …

Spy Cameras

Any up-and-coming spy worth his or her salt must be armed with a veritable smorgasbord of nifty gadgets – which is why a covert camera should be top of your stealthy shopping list. Useful in a variety of dangerous situations, your concealed spy camera will quickly become your eyes and ears.

Admittedly, concealing a camera in a pen, lighter, or some other everyday object, and leaving it on a tyrant’s desk is far more preferable to whipping out your smartphone and attempting to capture their evil plans.

Voice Recording Pen

As a clandestine agent, it’s absolutely vital your cover isn’t blown as you attempt to capture your foes discussing their malevolent intentions– and that means purchasing yet more gadgets hidden inside everyday objects.

Consequently, stock up on a nifty pen that disguises a voice recorder, which is activated through a switch hidden in its clip. You don’t have to worry about being in the room, though, as the pen will start recording – for up to 18 hours – as soon as it hears voices.

GPS Watch

Does your watch ONLY tell the date and time? Get with the programme, Bond! These days, a simple timepiece won’t cut the mustard, as secret agents around the globe rely on their trusty watch to double up as a GPS device.

Whether you need to navigate a sprawling metropolis or a never-ending forest in the hunt for a despot’s den, a GPS watch is a handy gadget that won’t slow you down on the quest to foil wicked plans for taking over the world.

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