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27 Epic Photos That Prove We Indians Are Born Badasses

We Indians are a bunch of danger-loving, risk-taking  people. We Indians really like to live life on the wild side. While the world says ‘good morning,’ we say ‘aaj kuch toofani karte hain.’ True story.

Here’s proof. And you thought growing up in Sparta was difficult? Aww.

1. Because nothing scares us. Nothing.

Source: Scraps99

2. Because this is what you get when you ask an Indian girl her age.

Source: Pinterest

3. Because whiskey is for the weak.

Source: My India Pictures

4. Because fuck the grammar Nazis.

Source: Pinterest

5. Because the show must go on.

Source: Comedy Jokes

6. Because sadak humare baap ki hai.

Source: Pinterest

7. Because we don’t drive fast. We fly slow.

Source: Reddit

8. Because we don’t just put aloo in samosas

Source: Lazyeebee

9. Because challenge accepted.

Source: Soul Steer

10. Because we say STFU with tameez.

Source: Mudraa

11. Because we hunted Spongebob Squarepants.

Source: Indya101

12. Because ‘I am the danger.’

Source: Taringa

13. Because the Italians know nothing.

Source: Nisha Madhulika

14. Because… yeah.

Source: Pinterest

15. Because even our menus are mean.

Source: My India Pictures

16. Because cow milk is for the weak.

Source: Scraps99

17. Because we’re sabse tez.

Source: Twitter

18. Because we’re sexy and we know it.

Source: Zappa

19. Because why should gais have all the fun?

Source: Tolly n Bolly

20. Because we do it better than Nike.

Source: Story Glitz

21. Because even the aliens want us.

Source: Khas Khabar

22. Because my anaconda don’t want none.

Source: Google Plus

23. Because nobody understands technology like we do.

Source: Funbull

24. Because mirrors are so yesterday.

Source: Google Plus

25. Because even our cardboard cops are fast and furious.

Source: News

26. Because fuck gravity.

Source: Google Plus

27. Because we make love, not war.

Source: Free1

Danger fits us like a glove. Or like anything else that fits perfectly. Got it, mate?

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