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15 Male Bloggers Whose Style You’ll Actually Want To Copy

We spend way more than our fair share of time gawking at lady bloggers—but there’s a whole ‘nother gender we rarely give the time of day to. The boy blogger world has just as much to offer in terms of inspiration as the go-to female bloggers do, and it’s time we ladies paid them their dues.

Keep scrolling to to learn more about 14 male bloggers who will inspire you just as much as the women do!

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My Belonging

PHOTO: My Belonging

Los Angeles-based blogger Tommy Lei epitomizes clean-cut, modern male style—with a dash of whimsy. He wears a good pair of tailored skinny jeans like no other, but doesn’t shy away from pineapple prints and kilts. We dig him. 

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Bryan Boy

PHOTO: Bryan Boy

Perhaps the only male blogger who has crossed over from strictly menswear to womenswear too is Bryan Boy. He was one of the first reallybig bloggers to blow up at all, alongside the Man Repellers and Fashion Toasts of the world. This is interesting because he’s still the only man to have done so—he really needs no introduction.

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HeSpoke Style

PHOTO: HeSpoke Style

If we had to sum up HeSpoke Style blogger Brian Sacawa in one word, it would be “dapper.” His penchants for a well-fitting suit, crisp tie, and perfectly folded pocket square all combine to make him a vision of Old-World-meets-New-World style.

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Four Pins

PHOTO: Four Pins

Four Pins is a lifestyle blog that focuses on everything from both men’s andwomen’s street style photography to the “most swagged out” sneakers currently on the market. Think of it as a really good guide for dudes who don’t really know anything about fashion, but want to learn.

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Scout Sixteen

PHOTO: Scout Sixteen

A Tennessee boy at heart, Scout Sixteen blogger Justin Livingston went to school in Mississippi before relocating to the Big Apple to pursue his lifelong passion for all things fashion. His personal style ranges from the classic Southern prep he grew up with to more urban influences. We really want his collection of man bags all to ourselves.

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Gentlemen’s Brim

PHOTO: Gentlemen’s Brim

The Washington, D.C.-based bloggers known simply as Tony and Sadiki have a particularly unique viewpoint on their blog: They focus on personal style, #ootds, and … motorcycles. They regularly pose their perfectly crafted outfits on top of amazing vintage bikes, and in terms of porn for women, this is pretty much where it’s at, ladies.

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I Am Galla

PHOTO: I Am Galla

Tall, dark, and handsome: all three words adequately describe blogger Adam Gallagher, the über-stylish mastermind behind I Am Galla. Gallagher never met a suit he didn’t like, but he wears casual sweats with just as much aplomb. We’re jealous, to be honest.

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The Houndstooth

PHOTO: The Houndstooth

The Houndstooth is a Washington, D.C.-based street style photography blog akin to the wildly successful New York City-based blog The Sartorialist.  The site’s contributing photographers snap men and women alike, but it’s their particular taste for male style that we adore.

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Zack Tanck

PHOTO: Zack Tanck

Just think of blogger Zack Tanck as the 90210 to your Felicity. A born-and-raised SoCal man, Tanck’s style is unabashedly inspired by the easy, laid-back, beachy vibes of locales like Venice and Santa Monica. We envy his ability to pull off everything from on-trend frayed denim shorts to vintage sports jerseys.

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Closet Freaks

PHOTO: Closet Freaks

New York-based blogger Anthony Urbano has made us fall in love with his superb ability to take streetwear and make it high-fashion. From fitted caps to sneakers, Urbano wears it all like he wore it straight off the runway.

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Mr Porter

PHOTO: Mr Porter

The leading men’s style inspiration and shopping site—also the male arm of Net-a-Porter—can keep us glued to our screen for hours, wanting to shop their for-the-boys offerings and build on-point outfits of our own.

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Kate Loves Me

PHOTO: Kate Loves Me

The only Parisian male blogger on our list comes in the form of Pelayo Diaz, whose unique blend of streetwear, preppy boy staples, and vintage finds has us swooning.

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One Dapper Street

PHOTO: One Dapper Street

Consider this the all-male version of The Sartorialist. Based in New York, this blog’s imagery captures only the best and brightest of men’s style in one of fashion’s main hubs. In other words, total eye candy!

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This Fruit

PHOTO: This Fruit

Blogger Sean Santiago has the unique distinction of being one of the very few male style bloggers who also blogs about recipes, home décor, and pretty much everything else related to lifestyle. His photography is also stellar. 


Consider this the all-male version of The Sartorialist. Based in New York, this blog’s imagery captures only the best and brightest of men’s style in one of fashion’s main hubs. In other words, total eye candy!

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