12 Things Every Man Must Experience At Least Once In Life

1. Living In A Strange Country

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Setting off on new paths that lead you to unknown, strange locations where nobody knows you is life changing. Figuring out life, all alone, is something not everyone gets to experience. Do it while you can, and discover your true self.

2. A Heartbreak

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Heartbreaks may be devastating but they always teach you a thing or two. Life moves on, and there’s no better of way of realising it than getting your heart broken.

3. A Solo Trip

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Pack your bags and head out on a journey without any company, without the surety of having someone around. The idea may seem scary, but trust us you’ll discover a new side to your personality!

4. Companionship Of A Dog

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One who hasn’t loved a dog and been loved back hasn’t experienced unconditional love. It is one of the rarest, purest, most unique bond you will ever make in your entire life.

5. Getting Drunk Out Of Your Wits

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It is good to be a responsible drinker, but every once in a while, you should loosen up! Drunken nights where you do things you don’t remember the next day always make for great stories. Not being your usual self, being totally out of control is something worth experiencing at least once in life!

6. A Road Trip

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At least one road trip before you hit your thirties is a must. It is a completely different experience from the regular destination vacations you’ve been going on your entire life. So, hop in to your car and set out on a life-altering journey with your best buds!

7. Living Alone

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Nothing makes you wiser than being on your own, completely. While you’re young, move out, even if for a while and live on your own. It’ll make a man out of you.

8. Being The Best At What You Do

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We’re all average in most things we do. And, we die being ‘the average man’. At least once in your life, feel the high of being ‘the best one’, even if for a moment. Take up a job you really, really love and conquer the world. No matter how small the skill may be, it will make you feel ‘on top of the world’.

9. Failure

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Yes, fail at least once. Failure is as life-changing as success, probably even more. Don’t be afraid to lose. Failure will only make you stronger. Until you know failure, you won’t know be able to appreciate success. Those who hit rock bottom and make their way up make legends.

10. Being Fearless

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Every man needs to know how liberating it is to make his own rules instead of mindlessly conforming to conventions. For once, be who you really are, free from all obligations. Be fearless. Say what you mean, do what you feel like. At least once, you should know what it feels like to not have any fears at all.

11. Being Completely In Touch With Nature

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Spend some time in a totally natural surrounding, with no traces of technology or urban life. Test yourself out one day in the woods and see if you can survive. Look around, observe. Take a plunge into the vast greens of the forest, deep azures of the sea, endless skies. Not only will you realize how tiny you are in the whole universe, you will discover your soul!

12. Conquering Your Fear

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Every one needs to know fear, and more importantly, what it feels like to conquer it. You must do at least one thing that scares you out of your wits and see yourself emerging stronger. Conquer your fear. Evolve.

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