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12 Fashion Rules To Live By | The 2015 Edition!

When it comes to fashion, there is a set formula. It works every time too – wear stripes to look taller, buy black to look skinny or play up your dangly earrings at the cocktail party etc. But lately, we have seen fashion do many things – unfollow standard traditions, break style myths and venture into avant-garde style where rules make no sense. This year, we decided to revamp the style sheet – go from basic rules to adventurous ideas and everything in between. To make your life easier and more fun, take a look at these 12 new age fashion rules that will get you safely through this year.

Invest in good underwear What you wear inside, defines what you get to see outside! Those panty lines, ill-fitted push-up bras or that nice thong that kills your outfit – banish them. Invest in two things: cotton underwear for comfort and a good nude bra to fit your every outfit. Shop: Amante t-shirt bra, ₹895

Block heels are the only footwear that can bridge the gap between work and play So you need a heel that is comfortable but not boring, glamorous but not OTT and functional but not traditional. Your perfect match = Block heels. Block heels give you a bit of height but really, they make great work footwear and then you can head straight to a party without even a care in the world. Shop: Clarks beige sandals, ₹4499

Camel coloured clothes, shoes and bags can make you look expensive and refined. Really, this one is for those looking for something classy and expensive-looking. Camel or nude coloured clothing and accessories can add a classic feel to your look. Think Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct smoking away in a camel coat. Ah, the style! Shop: River Island bodycon dress, ₹5390

Colour-block liberally Mix and match your clothes well – especially play around with colours. Who said pink and orange are way too bright to be a team or navy and black never go together? Just follow your intuition and colour-block your wardrobe in an array of hues.  Shop: Avirate colourblock dress, ₹1380

Accentuate one feature everyday. Not everything or none of it. One feature only. Whether it’s your decolletage or your stretching-into-the-horizon legs -accentuate just one feature at a time. We are not fans of too many things – where will the eye really go? So stick to a plan – make one asset of yours the hero at one time. Choose between backless or tube tops to show off your delicate shoulders and well-toned back. Change it up for the next time. Shop: Rena Love grey dress, ₹1620

Buy one good structured bag Probably one without monograms or brand logos. Tasteful leather bags that look classy with lots of pockets and a good strap. Look for ones that come in primary colours – black, tan, beige and camel for an elegant look. Shop: New Look tan bag, ₹3790

When in doubt, wear monotone. Going top-to-toe in one colour might just save your day. Minimalism is the name of the game and that means, you can choose to wear one colour and stick with it. Make sure not everything is plain – let the bag have some fringe and the shoes, a bit of diamante. Shop: DRVV black tube dress, ₹10000

Accessories save the day Even if you’re dress is a bit dowdy or boring, accessories can make it an entirely new in minutes. So stack those bangles, layer those necklaces and add those cocktail rings. The more, the better! Shop: Trinketbag layered necklace, ₹499

Mix print on print Yep, even if they are bold and bright and all things clash-y. Mixing diverse prints is an art. It means you have a heightened sense of style that can spot a combination if there ever was one. Which means you must be judicious in your choice. Try ikat with stripes or animal prints with chevron or even a mix of watercolour prints and graphic prints. Shop: Desigual stripe dress, ₹6337

Invest in faux fur and leather – they’re your luxe pieces! Winters are no more about sweaters anymore. Experiment with your look but also, in a way, luxe it up. So choose leather in earthy colours and faux fur trimmed jackets to channel JLo. They add drama to your look but also work as classic pieces. Shop: Dorothy Perkins blush duster,  ₹3954

A good pair of sneakers They can elevate your style from fun to fashionable, but only if you know how to style it. Wear them on dresses to give them a playful look, team them with leggings so you look retro and pair them with midi skirts for a futuristic look. Sneakers are versatile – just look for sporty ones to ones that come in fun prints. Shop: Vans lo pro sneakers, ₹3299

Wear denim on denim and steal the spotlight Classic pairings always work well – so choose denim shirts and jackets to go with your favourite pair of jeans. Add drama to your look by looking up denim shirts with added embellishments, ones that come with fun emblems and lots of quirky buttons. Shop: Pepe jeans denim shirt, ₹1699

Wear sequins in the day Who said you need to wear sequins and shine only at night? Not us, for sure! If you do shine right, you can totally pull it off for the day. Only, look for neutral separates to go with it and minimal accessories. Shop: River Island golden top, ₹1734

Photograph: Errikos Andreou; Styling: Daniel Franklin

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