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11 Reasons Why Gujarati Girls Make the Best Girlfriends Ever

11 Reasons Why Gujarati Girls Make the Best Girlfriends Ever

She knows how to make thepla, khandvi, ghatiya, fafda (need we say more?).

When travelling with them you will never go hungry, they will always have food or snacks.

She will not be the one counting calories. Because if she can cook so well, she will eat well too.

No one can ever bargain as good as a Gujju girl. She will not stop till she gets the best price for the product.

She is always with one of the sweetest smiles ever. She is blessed with sharp features, but not arrogant about it.

She will always know how to dance really well. Be it at that latest club or at a dandiya night, she knows her moves!

Those nine days of navratra will never be the same, once you have spent them with her. From constant poojas to dandiya nights, your days will be a whirlwind of activity.

She knows how to dress sexy. Just look at those cholis she sports!

She will always be sweet-tongued. With all that sweet food she is eating all the time, she is just too full of it. (We know you are nodding in agreement!)

She will always know about the stock exchange or the gold prices. She will know about diamonds much better than anyone else around.

Nothing beats a Gujarati wedding. So if you are going to marry this Gujarati girl, be prepared for the best-wedding ever.

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