10 Hottest Female Politicians In The World

hot, they are powerful, they are smart. They can charm you with their good looks but they can also hold your attention with their words. We get you 10 such gorgeous ladies who have become our favorites. 

1. Alina Kabayeva

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A former rhythmic gymnast, Alina is the Honored Master of Sports for Russia. She has served as a State Duma Deputy from the United Russia party. 

2. Sethrida Geagea

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The Lebanese politician has been known as a woman of power and grace. She is highly respected in the world of politics and commands attention with her presence. 

3. Anna-Maria Galonjan

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Galonjan is a politician in Estonia and has posed for the Playboy magazine in the past – two facts rarely found to coexist. 

4. Eva Kaili 

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Having served as a member of the Committee for National Defense and Foreign Affairs, Eva Kaili is the youngest member of the Hellenic Parliament representing the PASOK party. The Greek beauty is also member of the European Parliament. 

5. Julia Bonk 

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A member of Left Party in the Landtag of Saxony, Bonk became the youngest member of the German parliament, when she was elected at the age of 18. Talk about setting records. 

6. Belinda Stronach 

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Canadian businesswoman, philanthropist and politician, Stronach was a member of the Canadian House of Commons from the year 2004 – 2008. 

7. Ruby Dhalla

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Born to Punjabi parents settled in Canada, Ruby Dhalla served in the Canadian House of Commons as a member of the Liberal Party. She has a degree in Biochemistry. 

8. Yuri Fujikawa

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She stunned the Council, when she won the toll for the Hachinohe Council Woman at the young age of 27. One of the prettiest women in politics, fashion lovers love to stalk her. 

9. Luciana Leon 

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The Peruvian beauty has done some astounding work as an advisor to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. She has also served as Congresswoman representing Lima (capital of Peru), and later as one of the only four lawmakers for the country. She has a degree of law and is a master of governance and public policy. 

10. Maria Carfagna

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The Italian politician has been the minister for equal opportunities of the country. She is listed in almost every list that accounts for some of the most beautiful women across the globe.

These women know how to dress up like they mean it. But what defines them is not just their physicality but the work that makes them who they really are. 


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