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Even though beards are comfortable to wear throughout summer, fall just feels like beard season. Maybe it’s the return of flannel, sweaters, and boots or just the change in the air. It’s a great time to get start growing a beard because facial hair blocks icy winter winds so there’s plenty of time to get that epic beard. Check out these 10 beards of Instagram to find one that works for you.


Beards work at every length, from the lowest clipper setting to Castaway proportions. This short beard is groomed enough for any professional situation or formal event. It’s also very easy to maintain at home. After a few days or week of growth, put the 1/8″ guard on you Wahl Peanut and trim all over. Shave any stray hairs on the cheeks and neck.


Some guys don’t get all over facial hair but that’s no reason to miss out on the beard trend. With enough growth to work with, hit up your favorite barber to get a perfectly shaped beard. While you’re in the chair, get a fresh cut up top too.

Beard with undercut @bucksbarbers

The beard-undercut combination works at any beard length. The cut above tapers the sides of the beard in addition to the sides and back of the haircut so facial hair is longer and more concentrated at the chin than cheeks. This beard length is an excellent one to maintain or a step to a longer beard.

Well-groomed by @baxterfinley

Do beards work for guys with light hair? Almost always. It can take longer for blonde beards to fill in so keep just growing it. Facial hair color can be unpredictable so if your beard is more of a shadow than a beard, clean-shaven is a better choice.


Model Billy Huxley is known for his beard as well as tattoos. This medium length is groomed into a point and clipped English moustache. Paired with slick hair and an undercut, this is the top hipster hair for 2014.


A full beard works really with medium length hair on top. While numerous other styles also work, there’s a balance to this rounded beard paired with longer hair on top worn loose.


Another male model, this is Chris Millington John and his epic beard. This rugged look appears to be fresh from months spent on the open sea or out in the woods. The mustache has some length but is trimmed so hair doesn’t cover the lips.


A beard can be as long as you’re willing to grow it. At this length, DIY beard grooming is an option.  Shape your beard throughout the growth process to gain practice and keep it groomed. It you’re concerned about achieving a symmetrical finished product, leave it to a professional. with beard grooming experience.


Beards also work really well for black men. The tight curls results in full, dense facial hair like the prodigious beard above. Pair it with a defined part for contrast. Check out this Bearded and Black tumblr featuring beard styles from short to long and of course, plenty of inspiration from Idris Elba.


A full beard has attitude. This Sons of Anarchy-inspired photo shoot shows off the tougher side of beards, especially when paired with fully inked sleeves and leather. For a similar look, take a cue from the Zig Zag guy.


There’s something about the contrast between a full bushy beard and a slick coiffed hairstyle. A long beard adds a wild touch to these otherwise gentlemanly styles. At this length, keep hair soft and manageable with abeard oil or balm. If you’re in the UK, check out products from Dandy Lions, a company started by these gents.

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