How Beautiful India Really Is

1. This mother who doesn’t have much but is giving her daughter the whole world.

2. These protestors, risking their safety to fight for the right to love freely.

India's #KissOfLove protests were organised by young citizens online who were opposed to moral policing.

3. And these protestors who kept the fight for peace alive, even in police custody.

4. This New Delhi rickshaw driver.

5. This perfect reply.

6. This man’s graduation party.

7. And this part-time rickshaw driver, full-time philanthropist.

8. This Sikh man, getting a shipment of Santas safely to and from school.

9. This kid’s mother.

And teacher, for rewarding all the right things.

10. This dog-lover.

11. These two friends, setting aside their political differences to enjoy a meal.

12. This young mother doing some last-minute exam prep.

13. And this one, who assembled a top-notch fancy dress costume.

14. This man, famous in Mumbai for standing at a busy intersection every day, improving thousands of mornings.

15. These empowering success stories.

16. This conscientious restaurant.

17. This pensioner, selflessly and quietly making the world a better place.

18. And these teachers, building a brighter future for India by any means possible.

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