What you should wear this Holi 2015

             Holi Festival
Holi Festival

The Hindu Holi Festival of colours marks the end of winter and the start of spring; it is a celebration of love, colours and life, this notion should ideally make you feel hopeful for the future. The Holi festival started life in India, a country with a population of 1.2 billion people, the most populous democratic country on the planet. A country who’s population is vastly impoverished and has a poor labour track record in the textile industry; a country that is largely profited from garment manufacturing at a cost to a generation of its poorest women and children.

franzius holi
Berlin Fashion Week has brought us a great amount of brand new fashion films for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. So in the next couple of weeks you will mainly get to see videos by Berlin-based or German labels in this place. I would like to start with the amazing new film Holi for the label Franzius by Stephanie Franzius shot by Mario Stahn. Holi is the Indian festival of colors and its main specialty is the throwing of colored powder in the wind which you can see beautifully in this video. In the end of July there is actually a Holi Open Air here in Berlin at Postbahnhof. Enjoy the fashion film after the jump.
Holi is a festival of colors and as the celebration of holi is round the corner, get some styling tips to dress up this Holi. Wearing old white t-shirt/kurta is a passe; Holi has come a long way from tradition whites to colourful clothes, hot pants, backless tops etc. With people becoming more conscious about fashion and style, Holi clothes have already gotten a nice makeover. Here's some style and fashion tips for this year:
The Colour White
White is a common colour to wear on holi but you can add some color to your outfit by wearing some pastel tones of pink, green, blue etc. Yellow is the color of spring and it’s a great alternative from the regular white.
Floral Print
Floral prints are in trend if you want to stay stylish. Light coloured clothes with floral prints is a great way to celebrate Holi in stylish mood.
What you should wear this Holi
Photo: PTI
Cotton Fabric
Cotton fabric and light colour clothes is a good combination for Holi so that you don’t feel stuffy in the heat. Don’t wear heavy fabric since it gets clingy when wet.
What you should wear this Holi
Girls cover each other with coloured powder while celebrating 'Holi'. Photo: AFP
Hair colour
Hair is the biggest accessory and you live with it every single day. You can color your hair, choose a shade according to your skin tone and make sure that the shade isn’t very bold.
What you should wear this Holi
Color your hair according to your skin tone. Photo: PTI
Wear funky and colourful flip-flops. Avoid wearing heels and leather as they will be uncomfortable.
What you should wear this Holi