Ways To Tie A Men’s Scarf Infographic | How To Tie Scarves Tutorial For Men

It’s cold here in Wisconsin.
Hourly-Weather-Forecast-Wittenberg-WI-54499To the right is a snapshot of the temperature in my town.
-11, but the wind makes it feel like -36 degrees Fahrenheit.
For those of you using Celsius temps, that’s equivalent to about -38.
Yeah – it’s so cold I have to use a heater to warm up the oil in my truck BEFORE starting it!
You can say that knowing how to tie a scarf is a matter of survival in this type of weather :)
And lucky for you – I provide eleven ways on how to do just that!
11 Ways to tie a scarf – the style you choose depends on the length of scarf you have, the look you want, and how cold is the temperature.

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