15 Genius Style Hacks That Will Save You Time Every Day

The dryer's heat releases moisture from the ice cubes, which helps loosen up wrinkles, while the tumbling dries things up and makes everything smooth.
Simply wrap the tape around your hand and pat your garment down to remove pet hair and lint.
Place a plain piece of paper over the wax drop and repeatedly run a hot iron over it. The paper will trap the melted wax and pull it right off your clothes.
Lotion, particularly if it contains carnauba or beeswax, can mimic the slick look and hold of pomade, but are often less greasy and smell better. If that's too much for you, a little dab can help smooth out poufy hair.
Use fine sandpaper to buff out dirt and stains without damaging your shoes. Just go lightly.
Use a rag or toothbrush to rub out salt stains with a mixture of one cup of warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. The vinegar's acetic acid will dissolve the salt without harming your shoes.
Cooling the gum down for about a minute makes it hard and brittle. Then you can just peal it off.
Sitting down extends your stomach, which will reveal any tight spots.
Button the pants and make a fist, before sliding your forearm into the waist. If the pants fit comfortable on your arm, they should do the same around your middle.
Cedar wood contains oils that repeal adult moths and kill the moth larvae that eat your wool clothes. Plus, they actually smell good compared to those toxic mothballs. The only catch is you have to get new ones every year, as they become less effective as the oil evaporates.
The right colored laces make a pair of boots feel brand new again.
Not a morning person or always in a rush? Pre-tie your necktie the night before, then simply slip it on and go. Just make sure to untie it for storage, as leaving it permanently tied will damage it.
Dab some rubbing alcohol on an ink stain to get it out. You'll have to use some soap and water to finish the job, but the alcohol will wash most of the ink away.
White wine dissolves the anthocyanin that gives red wine its color. You'll still have to hit it with some soap and water afterwards, but neutralizing it with white wine first helps prevent permanent damage.
To avoid shrinkage, just keep the dryer on cool and low.