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This is me

A business needs to get attention from the right network. Just a being a dime a dozen can’t get lead your idea in to implementation. Here I am, with my deep work experience into digital marketing platform, believe to make right strategies. Each company needs a separate business plan. I have spent my major time in building ideas into implementation, design plans for persistent productivity and look for appropriate approach towards new opportunity.

Social Media  Image  Creative Content
Building Brand, Campaign Management 

 Making   Marketing Strategies,  SEO  and

Web Design &   Development

I advise companies
and NGOs in initiatives
and campaigns

I am Raviraj Sinh Vaja.
A digital Marketing consultant and coach. 
Your business fares well if you act responsibly and take every decision for its growth. Starting a business is not the toughest task. The actual grind begins when you find yourself lagging far behind the best and longing for the right ideas for growing your business.
Here I suggest you educate yourself with the proper skills to make your product as a brand.
My training program will give you a keen knowledge of SEO, SEM, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social media, and email marketing and so many ways to drive your business to the top.
The crux of this training program is to guide you to dealing with affiliate marketing, content marketing, planning for strategy for all the digital platforms, and being enticing in the real market.

Clients & Collaborations


India Medical Services

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India Medical Services, a Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Organization operated by Highly Experienced Doctors, Experts, Hospitals, Speciality Medical and Wellness focuses supporters. Each offering treatment specifically specialities with global accreditation guidelines and under Expert Doctors. 


Aalfa Institute of Foreign Trade

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AALFA INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE was set up in 2015 by the experts and founder of Aalfa International as an autonomous organisation to help professionalise the country's foreign trade management and increase exports by developing human resources, analysing and disseminating data and conducting research.


ViteBox Overseas Educatin

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Vite Box Overseas caters to an umbrella of all education, visa, and career requirements worldwide. Our dedicated team of expert counselors is well equipped and rapt to comprehend the challenges associated with the complex process of resettlement.

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